solution for black-marked walls

I feel like I have been totally thrown off this week. After my week off, catching up at work has taken me extra time. Even though that's been more stressful, I have feel accomplished as well. However, this means that I do not get as much done at home. This also means that I post less, unfortunately. Tonight is the first night that I have had a little extra time to get a post out. I hope to have more time this weekend.

When I started to feel better towards the end of my week off, I thought I would try a black mark removal on our white walls. We love our Tater Bear as much as she loves her Kong, but we do not love the black marks that her Kong leaves on our walls. Now, I found this idea through Pinterest, but I am not sure of the source anymore. Sorry folks! The pictures aren't so great either, but I will continue to post as I work on the walls.

after, still drying
I used toothpaste and a toothbrush with a little water. I filled a small tupperware with water and dipped the toothbrush and paste in it and just lightly scrubbed at the walls. My walls are painted with flat paint, which is the worst paint ever to have marks show up on because it's so difficult to remove them. I was impressed while I "brushed"the wall and the marks slowly faded. As you can see with the "after" picture, it's not perfect but it decreased the unsightliness considerably. Give it a shot if you're living in a rental palace like myself or have some flat painted walls of your own.

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