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hair and diy shirt: completed


I was able to grab Ryan for a few minutes to photograph me in my newly painted shirt (and my newly "feathered" hair). I love it!

Looking goober-tastic.
Having a good time.

Here is the back of the shirt and the sleeve that I painted.
**Update. The shirt is now in my shop. Click here to see it.

a bit of my hair!

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I feel a little behind the times now that I finally have feathers in my hair. My belated feather hair was behind because 1) I wanted to have a synthetic version that was cruelty-free, 2) I needed to save up the money (still cheap to buy, but needed to pay bills first) and 3) I wanted my haircut first. All of these things finally added up this weekend and I was able to install the (synthetic) purple, blue, green, white and multi-colored feathers into my hair. I am pleased with the results. I left them long for these photos so you could actually see the colors. Now I trimmed the ends up to match my haircut. I installed them to hide under my hair more for my day job and I can pull them out a bit to show a little more after work. I was sad to see that the website that I ordered them from appears to no longer exist, but the company was called Fair Feathers. I would refer them to you if I could!

What do you think?

packaging away!

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 This week, I shipped off five of my mini chalkboard frames. I am happy that they found a good home! Above pictures my wrapped mini chalkboards with a vintage paper doily. Below pictures mini chalks tied with ribbon. Thank you for your support!

diy shirt designs: continued

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 Last week, I showed you guys how I was making my own t-shirt designs. This week, I will continue that. Here is my ever-faithful dog, watching over the progress.

 I sponged glacier white fabric paint onto my shirt through the stencil. I went over it a couple of times and I may give it another coat when it is dry. I am kind of partial to the "weathered' look though.

This is the back of my t-shirt. Once I am able to get Ryan to take a photo of me in the shirt, then you will see the finished product. So far, I like it a lot. Now that I was able to make a basic design out of freezer paper, I may try something more complex in the future.

i'm a winner!

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In all of the contests that I have entered (which, well, haven't been many), I have not won...until this month! Rebecca Caridad, who writes the blog Manzanita, sponsored a giveaway from Barnacle Bags. I have been eyeing these bags for a while. I think I first stumbled upon Lissa's blog from Pinterest. I soon fell in love with her pictures and stories about her small island life off the coast of Washington. Then I checked her store. Perhaps it's the Alaska nostalgia in me, but I fell in love with them right away, especially the roll top bags. I also have a love for shoulder bags, and the shop didn't disappoint then either. Plus, Manzanita's giveaway featured one of the shoulder bags. How awesome is this?? I am very thrilled to win the bag below.

I cannot wait for this striped bag to come to my home. I will post again once I receive my bag. You too can have a bag in your home! Currently, Lissa is having a sale at her shop. Using the code HAPPYSPRING, you can save 20% off on select bags. Head over and check them out! I currently have my eye on this one.

diy shirt designs: a preview

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This week, I used freezer paper to paint a design onto one of my t-shirts. I am pleased with the results so far and hope to finish it this week.

fave finds

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Seven Blooms
I have been looking for more professional-ish dresses in the past couple weeks. This is one of the ones I found and I am in love with it. At $120, it's not something that I can purchase lightly, but is definitely a goal to work towards.

Once again, I have put up another ZenThreads item. I'm going to need new sweatpants soon and these look like the perfect option for me. I love the white tree stenciled on it as well.

amigurumi giraffe: finished

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I completed my amigurumi giraffe this week. I'm so proud! It may look a little frowny, but it's cute at the same time.

craft update

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 I had read in a pin on Pinterest about how you can use the white root part of green onions/scallions to regrow the green part. I thought I would try it...and it works! After only a few days, the onions have grown this much already!
I finished putting new fabric on the bottom half of my office chair. I would like to get a solid color for the top half...ivory or red perhaps.

I thought I would add a touch of chevron to a couple of mirrors. Unfortunately, the tape didn't cover so well. I am going to try to clean it up a bit. I hope it works!

new shoes

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It's not very often that I post about shoes, but today I am. They are so comfortable. We went out to Boston this weekend and after wearing these for seven hours, they were still comfortable! I was impressed. I hate to admit it, but I bought them on Shoedazzle. I've been a member for a while and every so often I buy a pair. Currently they are in high heeled heaven (my torture), but somehow these black near-flats ended up in the mix and I snapped them up.

(I'm not in anyway compensated by Shoedazzle to express my opinion.)


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Hello everyone! I don't know what it is, but I have seen a definite jump in viewing stats on my blog and Etsy shop for the past month. Not only that, but I have seen the jump in views more consistently as well. To thank you for this, I have decided to give a discount for my shop for the rest of the month. From now until April 1st, you can save ten percent on your order by using the code STATS10. I'll post more soon about my chair reupholstery and other craft ideas I have up my sleeve.

Thank you!

paper mama's photo challenge: from above


This week's challenge is photos of your baby from above. Here is Tater, looking up at me, on a bright sunny day. She's been so sweet today...roaming around on her 30' leash, snuffling, eating her lunch and now vegging on the couch.



This week I made a vegan paella. It started with stir frying some garlic, red pepper and broccoli.

Added veggie stock, turmeric and other spices.

Brought to a boil.

Chopped olives. I never liked olives like these until now. I'm not sure why. I had them at a wine tasting the other week and I couldn't get enough olives.

Simmered rice and quinoa, let sit and wa-la! Vegan paella. From Vegetarian Times.

I also made the cauliflower mac 'n' cheeze again. So delicious. I needed some comfort food this week.


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