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weekends with tater


Here's looking at you, kid.

custom frame order

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before the glossy coat
Whenever I have had a custom order, I would inevitably forget to take pictures of it until it is all wrapped up to ship and by then it is too late to unbox, unwrap and photograph. Well, this time when I worked on a custom order, I took lots of photos and wanted to share them with you today.
mixing the paint

weekends with tater

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This week, Tater received her BarkBox full of tasty goodies and toys. The first thing she demolished was a duck jerky treat.

Now that I have had this new computer for a couple weeks, I have had more time to play around on it. It is much easier and faster to use than my old one and I have enjoyed editing some photos I have taken with it. Case example is of Tater enjoying a duck treat inside the polaroid frame. (Credit for the polaroid frame goes to IROCKSOWHAT. Thanks!)

If you've been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I'm also working on some mini chalkboard frames for a wedding coming up. Blue is one of my favorite colors and I have enjoyed working on these little guys.

sometimes there are no words

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Sometimes there are no words to describe or sum up what's happened in a moment, day or week. I had intended to write something entirely different earlier this week, but what comes to my mind over and over again is the incredible loss and devastation brought to the Boston area and those affected by the explosions on Monday, April 15, 2013. Secondly, I am also reminded of the strength and rush of helpers, first responders, policemen, nurses, doctors and just plain citizens who ran in to help one another in some way. Truly amazing and I am thankful for each one of you.

Sunday photo post

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 Tater, chillin' with her ice cube.
Still have that winter white going on! However, here is proof that I sometimes wear make-up. Hehe.

new year's goal update: organization

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What started as just cleaning the area next to my closet turned into the whole apartment. I have now begun re-arranging furniture in my living room and hanging up/putting away trinkets. Check out these awesome "shelves" made from rulers. 

Next, I had a proud adult moment where I assembled the frame to my king-sized bed. This involved wrestling my king-sized memory foam mattress. That is no small feat! Everything is put together and comfortable.

 Ah, and here's the finished "closet slobetry"organized. Much better.

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