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new office curtains

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 I had bought these curtains from Ikea last weekend, thinking that I might put them in our office at work. I wanted to be sure that my office mate approved first--she did. This past weekend, I finally got around to hemming them. It was the first time that I hemmed curtains, not to mention using Heat 'n' Bond. All went well and easy; I think the hardest part was cutting the panel in half and cutting off the extra fabric from the bottom. I don't have a large table to work with, so I slowly moved it across my coffee table as I cut. (Our window is sort of small, so two panels would have been too much and the length definitely draped across the floor. It needed trimming all around!)
What do you think?

tater in the morning: photochallenge by The Paper Mama

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This is my fur baby in the morning. I let her out of the crate and she gets to spend some more sleep time on the bed (the post-sleep nap). No, I did not catch her between blinks. This is her, trying to keep her eyes open for me while I took a few shots. She was SO sleepy this morning!

This post was entered in Chelsey's weekly photo challenge. This week's theme is "morning".

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

hi, my name is Emily and I'm addicted to washi tape


As if I needed more excuses to buy cute washi tape and more packaging supplies, the Plaid Barn came out with these awesome sets today.

Aren't they cute?!

You can buy a chevron set or a polka dot set...or both! I chose the chevron set.

Also, I hung up the curtains at the office that I hemmed this weekend. I can't wait to share photos of them! It was my first time using Heat 'n Bond in this type of project and it went really well.

favorite blog day

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I have to admit that my favorite blog day is Monday. There's something about the weekend where everyone relaxes and slows down the blog posting and then when it's Monday-BAM-an onslaught of posts. And not just any posts...interesting DIY posts and weekend adventure posts. I love it!! As soon as I get home from work, I enjoy sitting back on our couch and reading through them all.

I've had a heavy heart this past week. I would be lying if I said I didn't. Even when I called people at work, they could somehow hear it in my voice. I helped Ryan move in to his campus apartment in NYC on Wednesday. It was nice to see where he will be and meet his roommate, but I won't lie when I say it will be tough. We have done long distance before, though, so at least we're prepared.

I was intrigued that moonshine is now sold in stores and I bought some.
It definitely makes me cough after I take a sip.
The Mamiya on one of the bookshelves in Ryan's apartment.
Developing equipment and scanner...eventually books will go here?
Listening to his roommate.
Washington Square Park

Heading to get a student ID.
When I got home, I went to a farmer's market in a neighboring town.
Lino blocks and tool.
Since returning back home, I have spent my time cleaning the apartment and working on various craft projects. One will be hemming a curtain for work. I also ordered some linoleum blocks and carving tool--I'm going to try my hand at block printing. Tater Tot has been my constant companion and I have been enjoying her company. My new co-worker watched her for me when we went to NYC and she is invited back anytime I leave. It is so nice to have people to care for my dog when I'm gone and I don't have to worry about her.

We were assigned our partners for the scarf exchange and I am so excited! I have been thinking about what to send my partner all weekend.

blog updates

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Hello again, here I am doing screenshots of my ad. Do you spot it? Love this lady's lifestyle blog.

I wanted to write more this week; I really did. I helped Ryan move to NYC this week and then my hard drive ran out of space for me to download my pictures. Later today I hope to move some stuff over to my external and then I'll be able to download and upload new photos for you all. You will be able to see how tiny Ryan's apartment is and how much NYC rocks.

gifted fabric

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Somehow I ended up with 5 different kinds of fabrics over the past couple of weeks. My co-worker moved and cleared out a lot of her fabric stash. I have been the recipient of of the cleared out fabrics. While I wouldn't necessarily pick these fabrics out myself, I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth (gift fabric in the pattern?).

So far I am making a square pouf seat with the upholstery fabric and am contemplating purses, a dolman shirt, pillows and more out of the rest.

What do you think? What would you make?

a few of my favorite things

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Remember a little while ago when I posted about some fabric tape and a vintage charm packaging kit? Well, they arrived! How adorable are these?

To add to their cuteness, the other day, the Plaid Barn sold wrought-iron keys. They were so beautiful...the deal slipped by my fingers too quickly! Combined with the plain linen tape from yesterday, there are just way too many awesome items lately.  Today's deal is a cupcake lover's and DIYer's dream...DIY cupcake stands! Check 'em out!

Also, after the fun packaging exchange from Oh Hello Friend, I signed up for a scarf exchange at YB+YB. I can't wait to see with whom I am partnered! We find out on the 24th. Click here to enter the exchange yourself.

mmmm...fancy tapes

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My love for washi, fabric--and now linen--tape continues! I have a longer post planned for tomorrow, but for now, behold linen tape available for 9 more hours at

I am smitten with prints and designs, but there is something about plain linen that is classy and timeless (at least to me it is). I can't wait to stamp t&e on it or write little messages to use for cards and packaging. Check it out while you still can!

hiking in the mountains

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This weekend, we drove a few hours to go hiking in the mountains. It poured all the way there and all the way back, but at least it didn't rain while we hiked. We thoroughly enjoyed our time.

diy pouf progress

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It is my intention to post at a later date with step-by-step instructions on how to make your own adult poof. Tonight, I started making my own with fabric that my co-worker gave me. She had some fabric that she thought she would no longer use. This is one of the fabrics (the lens on Hipstamatic makes it look more yellow than it is). The other is another fun fabric that I may use on some pillows later down the line.

a downpour

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We have had many thunderstorms over the past week. Yesterday's storm was considerably more--almost to monsoon level. I have been helping out at an art table downtown on Fridays for the month of August. Last week, we were drenched with sweat. This week, we were drenched with rain. The afternoon started out with a drunk wandering around, stabling himself on our tables, tents, parking meters and a random dog. Finally we called the police and once they confiscated his 1/5 of bourbon, he was on his way.

Soon after came the deluge. We were all soaked shortly. Before we wrapped up for the day, I bought a couple of paintings--one for home and one for the office. Below is the one that I bought for home.

There is something captivating and dark about the mood of this piece. I love how the colors and the shadows play together. Another time I will post about the office painting. But, I will let you know that it includes a ferris wheel and a person in a wheelchair.

Today's weather was no better, especially this afternoon. Ryan and I were thoroughly soaked after just going from the store to the car. I came home to find that we had won first place in this week's photo challenge by Chelsey from

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Thanks, Chelsey!

We hope to go hiking in New Hampshire tomorrow, but with the weather the way it is we are unsure if we will be able to go. Cross your fingers for us! 

nails 2

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Remember all those weeks ago when I painted my nails and put on fun nail polish stickers? Well, that lasted REALLY long! I finally removed it all this weekend and put on new nail polish and stickers. Evani from Simply Evani had sent me a lil bottle of blue Essie nail polish during our package exchange and I used that, along with the other set of nail polish strips that I bought the day of my surgery.

What do you think? And please ignore all of the dog hair on the carpet...time to vacuum again! No wonder the neighbors above us vacuum several times per week.

photo challenge: fun


Ryan sold some camera equipment and upgraded to a Nikon D800. He was trying to catch a few photos of Tater's face and she kept turning away from him. I grabbed her and she kept trying to lick me. I'm actually surprised her tongue is not out in this picture.

the Paper Mama's challenge this week is "fun". Head on over to enter yourself:

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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