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hooray for boobies!

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Today I listed an item for sale to help benefit Breast Cancer Research: a pink ribbon pendant. It is encrusted with pink Swarovski crystals and can be used on necklaces, large keychains, or a large safety pin. Check it out! 10% of the purchase price will go towards the American Cancer Society to fund cancer research. 

Also, check out the shop for a newly added banner featuring Breast Cancer Awareness Month (aka October).

wedding in provincetown

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A couple weekends ago, we had the privilege of shooting a wedding for Brie and Jackie in Provincetown. They are a fabulous couple and had fabulous guests. Who else gets the ice cream truck to come to their reception and get to hand out their own treats?! It was certainly a memorable day for everyone involved. We wish them the best.


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Last weekend, I assisted Ryan as a second shooter at a wedding and reception. It was the day before Hurricane Irene was due to hit the East Coast and it rained through most of the ceremony and reception. Despite the dampness, the decorations and food remained simple and elegant. The love emanating from the couple and their guests was apparent, making it a fabulous occasion.


twitter tag

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Hey, all! I have a twitter account as well--@turtandelephant. Feel free to add and follow me. I post about what I am working on and items that capture my interest.

we adopted!

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I apologize for the delay in blogging. We adopted a dog this last week and then my friend came in from out of town. Needless to say, they enjoyed each other's company.

labor day craft update


I have listed the Yashica necklace here. It's a pretty unique piece that I am excited about. The necklace part is made of black silicone with a frictionless clasp.

I would still like to do something with the lenses, but haven't decided what I shall make yet.

We decided to adopt a dog this week! We have been thinking about adopting for a long time and there was one this week at the local shelter that stole our hearts. Since bringing her home, the number of toys we have bought have increased dramatically. Rather than buy a container for them, I decided I would crochet a piece short enough that she can take the toys out of when she wants to play. I will post photos as I create it, but for now the progress looks like this:

Can you tell she wants to help? We are not ones to clothe our animals, so I don't think I will be making any outfits for her at the time being.

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