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new camera

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Along with updating my graphics and shop name, I also upgraded my camera gear. Although it's a different feel than my previous camera, I am loving it! The images just seem that much better, don't you think?
tater, "helping" to make the bed
spring wouldn't be spring without flowers. this picture still has a bit of noise...I need to remember to change the ISO!
oh yeah, still "helping"
enjoying the fruits of "her" labor
went for a walk in the woods today
this goofy gal loves kicking up dirt and leaves.
Today, I found myself wishing that I was home with family to celebrate Easter. I will have to remember this next year. I hope that all of you had a fabulous weekend and Easter (if you celebrate).

bloglovin' - thank you!

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Thanks to those of whom have switched over to following me on Bloglovin'! That's great. I am still trying to get used to the different format of it compared to Reader, but so far so good. If you haven't yet,  a link to my Bloglovin' account is on the bar to the side of these posts. Check it out!

Also, if I am in your blog roll and/or you wish to promote my blog, I whipped up a few images that you can use. I decided to go with the 2011 date, since that is when I technically started this blog and shop:

I just ask that you don't alter them in any way, other than the size. If anyone knows and can tell me how I can share the code with people, please let me know!

new heading


Hi All.

I think I have settled on a new name, and, at the very least, a style that I will try to convey across the blog, shop and Twitter. If you suddenly realize you're following taterandemily instead of turtandelephant, don't worry! That's me! I'll do a final announcement once the official names are changed everywhere.

I have been thinking about what I typically focus on in the blog, and it's usually Tater and me. Although I was tempted to make the name more just about me or what I create, I do love Tater an awful lot and thought she could deal with being put in the spotlight. After all, she loves everyone too. What I'm not sure about is the date established. Technically, I started this in 2011 but it is now that I am changing the name. Should I make the date 2011 or 2013? What do you think?

the end of google reader


Word on the internet is that Google Reader is being retired as of July 1st. Say what? I use it multiple times per day to catch up on all my blog friends' posts and I find it easy, since I already use Blogger to write my posts in the first place. I can check my blog stats and read blog posts at the same time. I am truly annoyed that Reader will be discontinued, as I am generally a fan of Google products.

If indeed it does retire (even after the outcry of die-hard Reader fans), I am going to be using Bloglovin' more. I had signed up a while back and don't use it much...because...well...Google Reader is already built into my Blogger account...anyway, I will use it more to follow blogs that I love once the retirement date nears.

I encourage you to use Bloglovin' (or another RSS equivalent) to continue reading Turt&Elephant (or whatever name I choose to move forward with in the future) and I will do the same for you.
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some changes


I mean this more in the encouragement sense and not in that things were shit before sense. An onward and upward phrase sort of thing. After 3.5 years, we decided to end our relationship. The why and how of it are not important in so much as how we are now. And for the most part, we are okay. This isn't the venue to divulge all of my feelings and the gory details; that's what friends/family and private journals are for. I mostly call attention to this change because I will be adjusting the blog and shop a bit and wanted to share a bit about why. I began this shop and blog name based on a relationship that was very important to me. It is still important to me, but as the nature of the relationship has changed, I don't feel comfortable keeping the same name.

I haven't decided yet what the new name will be. When I do, I will let you all know what it will be. For now, bear with me as the changes roll through.

Thanks for your support.

reminder: spring sale going on!

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Hey folks, just a little reminder that there's still a spring sale going on at my shop. Be sure to check it out and scoop up these little frames and assorted items before they sell out!

financially fit celebration


Finances are not usually something that I discuss here. I have a few blogger friends whose posts I read through that do talk about their finances. They are happily slogging away at paying off their student loans, car loan or credit card debt and share tips on how to do so. For me...yeah, those types of debt exist, but I cannot warrant an ongoing post about the topic. It's not a topic that I, myself, could make interesting and share with folks.

However, this doesn't mean that I am not happy once I have made a financial victory.

What is a financial victory, you may ask? Well, today's example is that I just paid off my smallest student loan! Hooray!

Student loans seem to be those things that hang around forever. You pay them in perpetuity and hardly seem to get anywhere in paying them. Finally, I seem to be at that point where I am making headway...and it is thrilling!

Have you had any financial victories as of late?

spring shop sale

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Well, I guess my hair isn't the only thing needing a shop is too! To make way for new ideas and overhaul my shop, there are some items for which I would love to find other homes. Take a gander at the photo below for which items are on sale and then jump on over to my shop to purchase. Thanks so much for your support!

my hair


Typically, my hair is changed by impulse. It's been a while since I've had one of these impulses, so my hair has stayed relatively the same for the past few years. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been feeling a change and so searched the internet for hairstyle inspiration. I wanted something short and a little daring, but not too salon-y or Anne Hathaway-esque. I ended up with this:

front view

shaved side view

And I love it! The 1/4 head shave part is the part that I love the most. It's fuzzy and easy. The other side I can do whatever I want with and is generally pretty similar to my prior hair style, but shorter. Also, the messier the better which works well with my get-up-and-go-in-the-morning routine.

On the way home, I wondered if Tater would recognize me. Of course she did! She likes having more access to my right ear for licking, too. Hehe. Here she is, holding down the fabric for me while I cut out  fabric for a blanket. That stinker!

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