the end of google reader

Word on the internet is that Google Reader is being retired as of July 1st. Say what? I use it multiple times per day to catch up on all my blog friends' posts and I find it easy, since I already use Blogger to write my posts in the first place. I can check my blog stats and read blog posts at the same time. I am truly annoyed that Reader will be discontinued, as I am generally a fan of Google products.

If indeed it does retire (even after the outcry of die-hard Reader fans), I am going to be using Bloglovin' more. I had signed up a while back and don't use it much...because...well...Google Reader is already built into my Blogger account...anyway, I will use it more to follow blogs that I love once the retirement date nears.

I encourage you to use Bloglovin' (or another RSS equivalent) to continue reading Turt&Elephant (or whatever name I choose to move forward with in the future) and I will do the same for you.
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