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unSLUMP Challenge: U is for updates

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The U in unSLUMP stands for updates and I plan to do a few before the fall. (The L in unSLUMP stands for logistics. if you missed this post, check out my Instagram post about it. ) Here is what I'm thinking about:

Internal Updates:
email signature
Blog links--mske sure they are all current and update to new places if not

External Updates:
Update product photos for the holiday season
Twitter and FB page updates
Defined shipping details for when is the last date to order for ready made and handmade items to receive in time for Christmas.
Decide and write about shipping upgrades and finish making shipping profiles for Etsy and Storenvy

Another thing I am thinking about doing for my shop is to sign up for the Merriweather Council's Etsy course.

Is anyone else looking to update or upgrade their shop? If so, what are you up to?

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