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my contribution to the indie craft sampler

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Last week, I finished creating mini versions of the state corkboard in my shop. Above is a sample of the MA board. Why did I make them? Well, I contributed them to Indie Craft Sampler, an awesome subscription box of craft samples. I cannot wait to review one when I receive mine next month. I hand drew and cut each of the 50 states which I then wrapped.

The samples are more rustic than my usual chalkboards, which I think go well with the business cards and wrapping. They're a little chunkier and have lines running through them. Perfect to tape to your wall or add to a beautifully wrapped gift.

Please let me know if you receive one of my state corkboards in your box. I'd love to hear about it!

(Cross-posted to my personal blog.)

feeling inspired

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Hi All! I have been feeling more inspired lately to create again. I have had some more shop inspiration and creative endeavors that I cannot wait to share soon. Stay tuned!

new blog and a continuing sale

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Hi folks! I've been meaning to write this for a while but wanted my new blog place to look more together before I shared the link.

It's still not so together, but in the spirit of just getting something out despite whatever shape it's in, I'm going to share it today. The new blog actually lines up with the title and the link is: Check it out and add it to your RSS feeder/Bloglovin'/whatever else you use to keep track of blogs.

The reason I decided to go with a different blog address is that at some point I may want to use this blog again and so I am leaving it open to that possibility. Think of the new blog as a personal blog of sorts.

Also, see below for a screen shot of my shop. I'm still having a 40% off sale and now the prices are reduced to reflect this. Purchase while you can! Once these items are gone, they are gone.

Best wishes, you all, and be sure to follow me over at the new blog!

letting go

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In my day job, I often teach people about radical acceptance, the notion that holding onto pain promotes suffering and letting it go helps you acknowledge the pain and move forward. (Also note that acceptance does not mean approval. Important, but does not have to do with the point of my post here.) As I've been thinking about the notion this week, I realized that I need to let go of my shop. My brand. This blog. The notion that it will make me money. The notion that it will be popular. I didn't get into this thinking that it would make me money or be popular. I just enjoyed creating and sharing it with others. I only made or posted about things that I truly believed in and enjoyed. Whether or not people bought my stuff or left me comments was not my main concern. However, I realized this week that a bigger part of me than I thought hoped that as I went along, money and a little popularity may naturally occur. I realized this week that I was more disappointed with this than I thought. In the interest of simplifying my life and moving forward, I am shedding the skin of small business to create what I'd like when I'd like to create it. 

Letting go feels freeing to me. I can do what I want to do with this blog. I can post frequently or not at all. I can post about any subject that I so wish. If I happen to make or do something that I want to share with others, I will share it. I am not going to push myself to think of new, creative content when my heart just hasn't been in it lately. When I'm inspired, I want to write all about it, and when I'm not, I just want to hang back and spend time with my loved ones. And I am ok with that. 

I'm not sure yet if I will keep this blog name or use another. This blog will definitely continue to be about myself and my beabull, Tater Tot. If/when it (the name change) occurs, it will happen. (and don't worry, I'll be sure to announce it if you're interested in following along with my life. )

That said, what about the practicality of my shop? What do I do with my inventory? I decided to have a sale to recoup at least my cost of the materials. Use the coupon code LETGO at checkout to save 40% off your purchase of any amount. Once the items are gone, they are gone. 

Thanks for all of your support since starting this endevour three years ago. I'm looking forward to what's next. 

sneak peak: guess what's coming back?

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One of my top-selling items will return this week to the shop. Keep an eye out this weekend when it lists on my shop.

Comment inquiry

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Hi folks! I've had something on my mind lately and today I thought I would ask my readers: What do you look for in a comment form?

I ask this because once I switched to Google+ comments, I noticed that comments left on my posts dropped off drastically. I do get some 1+'s, but it is very rare that I get a comment. 

I wondered if it was because it was the comment form change or that my content was somehow different than before or some other reasons... Please let me know what it is for you...either comment here on this post or send an email to jean . emily @ (without the spaces). I am very interested to know. Thank you!

weekends with Tater

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I realized that it has been a while since I posted something about Tater. Never fear, she is still here!

Here she is, enjoying her duck toy.

spring is here

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 While today is technically the first day of spring, I still woke up with two inches of snow on my car. The drive to work was rainy and overcast. Some first day of spring, I thought to myself. By the afternoon, the sun came out and the temperature was in the 50s. That's more like it. I've been adding more spring-like items to my shop for the past few weeks and wanted to share what I have listed lately.

1. Notched Garland
2. Upcycled Lace and Jersey Scarf
3. Gray Double-Knit Neckwarmer Scarf
4. Silk "love" Embroidery Hoop

new color: scarf in gray

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New color for the neckwarmer/scarf on the shop! Check it out, here.

fabric window diy

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Here is part of my kitchen. There is a little window with some neat glass in it. What is outside of the window? A staircase. A loud, echoey staircase that myself and two other neighbors use. They can't really see me through it, but I still feel like I don't have much privacy in my kitchen, you know? So I thought I would work at covering it up.

Here you can see this window in relation to part of my kitchen. (And no, it's not my choice to have those farm decals be up on the wall! I just can't reach them to take them down.)
Here is what you need:

  1. Fabric of your choice
  2. Cardboard
  3. Fabric glue
  4. Fabric scissors (not pictured)
  5. Box cutter
Be sure to measure the area of the window that you wish to fill with the cardboard. Then measure again to make sure. Next, cut it out with the box cutter. Once you've reached that stage...

Yes, have your dog lay on everything before you cut out the fabric. Once she moves and you're able to cut the fabric to fit the cardboard (with a little overlap so the fabric doesn't uncurl), use the fabric glue to glue the fabric to the cardboard. I assume you could use other glue as well, but this is the one that I used.
And…wa-lah! Fabric privacy window! Push that baby into your window and you're good to go!

What projects have you been up to this week?

new items up on eBay

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Hi Folks! Just letting you all know that I listed a few more items on eBay today. You can check out what I am selling here. I am mostly selling clothes as I thin my closet but I do have some home goods up there right now too.

the morning after

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This was my view out of my bedroom this morning. Although it was hell driving home yesterday, it all looked so pretty in the morning light. As the day wore on, clouds rolled in and thrummed down more snow, sleet and rain. This pretty view is now gone and mired by dirty sand.

Sigh. I cannot wait for this winter weather to be over. Not that I welcome humid 90 degree days either, but this darkness and drudgery wears on a person.

Oh, hello

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It's been awhile. I discovered this past week that my lens no longer works on my camera and apparently this has jammed my creative ability to write posts. My new lens is on its way and should be here next week. In the meantime, you will have to enjoy a few cell phone Instagram posts in the meantime. 

I can't wait to do a full post on this gem! The top is covered in chalkboard paint and I spray painted the bottoms of the legs in Looking Glass by Krylon. Just a few more things left to do and the. I will do the full review. 

Is anyone else excited that daffodils are in the stores? They're just so cheery in my opinion...I just had to show off my newest embroidery hoop with them. The fabric is a remnant from Maramiki's shop on Etsy and then I embroidered the word love on it. I love the texture of the piece. 

Speaking of love, Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it. To those who don't, bah humbug. I encourage everyone to show each other love every day of the year, not just on this random day that was picked. 

A couple of my lady friends and I are getting together tomorrow afternoon for crafty time. I look forward to showing you what we work on. My friend has a new kitty named Ruby and a vintage sewing machine to setup. 

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Niagara Falls

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Earlier last month, we went to Niagara Falls. It was the first time either of us had been there and it was beautiful. Icy and cold, but beautiful. Tater enjoyed herself as well. Good thing we brought sweaters for her to wear--she needed them!

weekends with tater

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So on Saturday, this thing called "snow" happened again. I was not prepared to see it. Wet, heavy and gloppy, it fell like snowballs to the earth. Very beautiful to watch. Even my beabull Tater was excited to watch it (or to watch the neighbor's dobermans). In any case, it was a surprising and beautiful thing to behold.

featured in another treasury

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I saw this one the day after I posted the other one…also inspiring, especially for this time of year with dirty snow and dead plants.
This treasury is curated by Emily Thomson on Etsy. She featured by butterfly embroidery hoop, which you can purchase here

featured in a treasury

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Recently, my butterfly embroidery hoop was included in this etsy treasury by kim and I just loved the elegant look of the treasury and the way the colors complimented each other. I hope this inspires you on this rainy, rainy Wednesday.

diy pallet sign

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I had this idea that was swirling around in my brain for a while. I was not quite sure how to do it or where to begin. Then I saw these lovely signs on Instagram that Rebecca Caridad made on Manzanita and I was floored. How perfect are they?? 

As they were selling for $100 at the time (now that she's opened her paperie shop, they're $120), I thought there was no way to afford them and thought I would make a more imperfect version DIY my own. There was just one problem…I didn't know how to do calligraphy! Then along came this other DIY that I came across on Pinterest. Bingo! Follow the link to read how to make your own beautiful sign by Tammy at Homespun Happenings.

My sign idea came from lyrics of what we consider "our" song…Nirvana's "Drain You". The states of MA and NH are made of cork board; you could buy them from my shop here. For winter, I topped the sign with white bottle brush trees, available at Michael's.

P.S. If I ever have the money, I will totally have Rebecca make me some wedding signs. They are gorgeous!! Also, please note that I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just loved this DIY and wanted to share my results.

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