new blog and a continuing sale

Hi folks! I've been meaning to write this for a while but wanted my new blog place to look more together before I shared the link.

It's still not so together, but in the spirit of just getting something out despite whatever shape it's in, I'm going to share it today. The new blog actually lines up with the title and the link is: Check it out and add it to your RSS feeder/Bloglovin'/whatever else you use to keep track of blogs.

The reason I decided to go with a different blog address is that at some point I may want to use this blog again and so I am leaving it open to that possibility. Think of the new blog as a personal blog of sorts.

Also, see below for a screen shot of my shop. I'm still having a 40% off sale and now the prices are reduced to reflect this. Purchase while you can! Once these items are gone, they are gone.

Best wishes, you all, and be sure to follow me over at the new blog!

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