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packaging exchange: received

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I can't get my head around a long-winded post today. So, I will just say that I absolutely enjoyed the packaging and gifts from my packaging exchange partner, Evani. Even a few treats for my dog, Tater Tot, were included. Hooray!
P.S. Now Evani has her post about the gifts I sent her up on her blog, Simply Evani. Check it out!

another giveaway - hosted by YB+YB

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Good morning! Just as one giveaway ended, another has begun! I sponsored the blog Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard this month and she is hosting a giveaway from several of the month's sponsors. I am excited to be amongst two other giveaways--one is for $25 to anthropologie and another is crafting supplies. Both prizes are so amazing!

So, what am I giving away?

Well, remember when Ryan and I went to visit the farmhouse apartment? It wasn't meant to be for us, but we still had some awesome pictures from it. We are giving away one hand-printed image.

It is roughly a 5x5 image printed (via our darkroom) on a 5x7 piece of Arista photo paper. You may trim it to your heart's content or leave it as is. Click here to enter. The giveaway ends in 6 days!

giveaway winner

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The winner of the purse is .............

Congratulations, Katrina! I will be emailing you shortly.

This number brought to you buy

giveaway and package exchange

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First, a giveaway reminder: the last day to enter the giveaway to win one of my fave purses is this Friday, July 27! Don't miss out! Click here to enter...all it requires is for you to leave one comment to enter.

I decided that I will post about the package that I sent off for my package exchange partner. I just realized that I forgot to take photos of what was contained INSIDE the packages--oops! If you take a look at my inspiration post here, I covered a notebook in a fun, bright fabric. I also bought some pretty neat washi tape (who doesn't love this stuff?), which is one of Evani's likes. I also made some bows for her out of yarn and felt (these are packaged in the "thank you" bag). The notebook and washi were wrapped together in a hand-printed fabric and tied with cotton and a name tag that I hand-embroidered.

I am looking forward to receiving my own package in the mail and blogging about that. I'm already looking forward to next year's!

a few updates

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I am writing this while incredibly sleepy and I will likely hit the hay after this post is written.

We are still waiting to hear about whether we got the apartment on the farm or not. I still have hope, but it dwindles now and then as one day turns into the next. Keep your fingers crossed, people.

I placed in the top 5 for the pet photo challenge at I'm excited about that...Tater is a cute little being.

I decided to extend the giveaway one more week due to a feature on YB+YB. It would not be very fair if a new reader from there had less than one day to enter to the giveaway, so I decided that I would extend the time one more week. The winner will be announced next Saturday, the 28th. Click here to enter.

Also, check out the feature at YB+YB when you get a chance. I may be involved in a group giveaway towards the end of the month! Reading Janee's blog has been a pleasure so far; I really hope you all check it out.

I finished packaging my gift for Evani at Simply Evani through the 2012 Packaging Exchange hosted by Oh, Hello Friend. I would love to post about it, but I don't want to give away what the stuff is before Evani receives it! I will have to post more about it once she receives the package.

Sleep well, my friends. It's time for Tater and I to snooze.


package exchange


Danni from the lovely blog Oh Hello, Friend is hosting a package exchange amongst those who entered. We each listed a bit about ourselves and she assigned us based on country and somewhat similar interests. We will exchange gifts that are well/fun wrapped. I have been looking through Pinterest (of course) of some ideas and I thought I would share some inspiration with you all:

Source: via Emily on Pinterest
Source: via Emily on Pinterest
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

a few wedding shots

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I assisted Ryan in shooting a wedding the other weekend. It was such a beautiful setting and one that I didn't know existed so close to our home. Here are a few shots from that wonderful day:


using the free-lensing technique
dessert dishes
fancy ceilings
seed packets
heather & chris

guests arrive

ryan setting up some shots with the speed graphic

through the rollei
the cake. so adorable!
ryan is in the center with his flash.
love the horse hook detail
such a beautiful dress
excitement for the day!
We had such a great afternoon and evening shooting this wedding. The last one for the season is on July 27th. I cannot wait to see what that one brings!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway! Click here to do so.

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