san francisco part 6: the finale

As I was writing these San Francisco posts, I couldn't believe that I didn't put up my Muir Woods photos yet. Then I looked at them again. Oh. That's right. Not the best photographs. However, you can start to get the feel for the area. There is nothing like it in person, though. I highly recommend it.

There was a very large floating lotus display downtown SF.
although we went here twice, none of my pics turned out well. smuggler's cove. fabulous tiki drinks and rums.
start of Muir Woods. Tall!

driving back.
I hope you enjoyed looking through my vacation photos. I know that I did!

At long last...the tiki room photo! This is only half of it, but it gives you a good idea of the feel of the room. (Please ignore the air mattress and our open suitcase!)

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