san francisco part 5: the bison paddock, land's end, seal rock and sappho baths.

Golden Gate Park has much more to offer than I originally thought. In my previous trips to the Bay Area, my uncle and I used it as a cut through to the Haight Ashbury area. And I think we went to the Japanese Tea Garden once. This time, we purposefully went to see a few areas, including the Bison Paddock and Dutch Windmill.

Golden Gate Park
uncles, looking at the buffalo
buffalo paddock!!
dutch windmill
the coast to the pacific
sappho baths (foreground), seal rock (background)
There is just something majestic about this one.
looking at the golden gate bridge a different way

the fog starts to roll in

Ryan, photobombing my photo.
seal rock
land's end

my awesome uncles


Land's end was truly a beautiful spot to behold. We enjoyed climbing around and taking photographs. I will have to print some of these photos some day to hang in our home. They are just breathtaking.

Believe it or not...there are MORE photos. Including some of Muir Woods. I took so many photographs that I have had to edit them in batches or go cross-eyed. I cannot wait to share more of our vacation with you and I love reviewing all the memories.

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