Here I am, always envying the Dainty Squid's nail posts. I mean, how can she do all that work each week?? She must really love nails. Heck, I'd have her do my nails every week too if they could look like hers do.

Since I had to remove my nail polish for surgery this week, I had spent some time stocking up on new nail polishes and nail polish strips to spoil myself. The nail polishes are from Zoya when they had a 3 for $15 deal (and now they have a 3 for $10 deal--argh!), featuring a few of their beach and surf line. The nail polish strips are from Sally Hansen in puppy tooth. I bought another set that is metallic gray and metallic black.

I did my nails over the course of a couple of days, since I had to rest in between. I liked how they turned out!

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