new home?

I didn't want to jinx it by writing about it, but the fact is, I'm just too darn excited about it not to. We have been looking for a new place so that we can reduce our rent, have a fun place for Tater and enjoy a bit more of the country. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera when we went to view the place, but Ryan did. Here are a few of his shots:

these would be our new neighbors
beautiful hardwood floors throughout (except the kitchen) and recently replaced windows
neighbors across the road
photo props galore
ample storage...porch included
We are eagerly awaiting a call/text/email back from the realtor that we either got it or we can have the owners meet are dog. Since we heard nothing this weekend, I am getting a little discouraged. But I keep looking through these photos and I can't help but keep up hope.

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