san francisco: part 4

These are more photos of my uncles' place. Sorry, all of you will have to wait for a tiki room photo just yet. The last photo shoes sesame balls that Ryan, Jeff and I made together. It's amazing how hard it is to get them to be all the same size--it definitely didn't happen! There is a behemoth of a ball...can you spot it?

I've spent the weekend getting prepared for surgery and post-surgery. My nail polish is removed, bought some pre-made dinners and I did as much laundry and cleaning as I could. I'm a little nervous, and I will probably be even more nervous right before the surgery, and so I am looking forward to it being over even more.

I also found more chalkboard frames today! I was very excited that I could find more frames to turn into chalkboards and offer them to the Etsy community.

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