a few updates

I am writing this while incredibly sleepy and I will likely hit the hay after this post is written.

We are still waiting to hear about whether we got the apartment on the farm or not. I still have hope, but it dwindles now and then as one day turns into the next. Keep your fingers crossed, people.

I placed in the top 5 for the pet photo challenge at thepapermama.com. I'm excited about that...Tater is a cute little being.

I decided to extend the giveaway one more week due to a feature on YB+YB. It would not be very fair if a new reader from there had less than one day to enter to the giveaway, so I decided that I would extend the time one more week. The winner will be announced next Saturday, the 28th. Click here to enter.

Also, check out the feature at YB+YB when you get a chance. I may be involved in a group giveaway towards the end of the month! Reading Janee's blog has been a pleasure so far; I really hope you all check it out.

I finished packaging my gift for Evani at Simply Evani through the 2012 Packaging Exchange hosted by Oh, Hello Friend. I would love to post about it, but I don't want to give away what the stuff is before Evani receives it! I will have to post more about it once she receives the package.

Sleep well, my friends. It's time for Tater and I to snooze.


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