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Let me tell you about the ads I took out this month! That's right--plural ad! The first is on Manzanita, a blog written by Rebecca. She has great DIYs (her latest is captured in the screen shot), stories and sponsors. 

Next up is Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard. They recently moved to my area, so seeing their posts makes me smile and remember my journey over here. They have a cute shop, too. I first started reading their blog when Oh, Hello Friend hosted a shop giveaway and I have been reading along ever since.
You may have noticed that my blog look keeps changing...I haven't settled on something that I quite like just yet. Please be patient with me while I continue to find my final result.

I will be a little absent from my blog this week. I hope to write again this weekend. I hope that everyone enjoys a Happy 4th of July in the meantime.

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