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another visit to nyc and some crafts

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 I went to visit Ryan again last weekend. It was so fabulous to see him and since it was President's Day Weekend, I could spend an extra day there. We walked through most of Central Park this time.
 This is how I think of it.
 We also went to Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Two of my favorite areas. I look forward to traveling again. Work may have me there next month and I'd love to see Ryan again.
 This past weekend, we had another winter storm roll through and I planned to stay indoors and work on crafts and shop orders. Above features one of the custom shop orders. I need to practice a bit more with my embroidery technique, but so far it is pretty fun.
I started making my own wood stain this weekend too. Vinegar and a copper scouring pad. Once I remembered that copper needs to oxygenate to turn colors, it got a whole lot more interesting. What will I do with this wood stain? Well, I intend to make a few embroidery hoop projects and I want to use the stain to color the wooden hoops. Looking forward to the experiment!

I also photographed an upcycled circle scarf for the shop. You can find it available here.

What did you do with your weekend?

valentine from tater tot


My Tot wanted to share her valentine with you today. Have a special day.

valentine's day

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Honey House Treasures
If Ron Swanson (from Parks & Rec) makes you giggle (or at least smirk), then you and I are on the same page for Valentine's Day. I especially like him because he reminds me so much of Ryan. Although he is a few states over for law school, I am able to see him this weekend and I couldn't be happier. I hope all of you have a great weekend!

winter storm nemo

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the snow last night

when i woke up this morning: view out of my window

yesterday, again

a thank you craft that I'm working on

the snow this afternoon. not looking forward to digging out.

at least crafts will keep me busy! More loom knit crafts.

tater, in her element
I wanted to share some photos of the past day and a half with you all. Isn't it amazing how much snow we can get at once? This hasn't happened since we moved here over two years ago. Tater loves it to so much! Being short definitely doesn't slow her down...she bounds and leaps through the 3-4 feet snow banks. I really dread digging my car out.

Counting on being snowed in this weekend, I was already prepared with groceries and craft items. I have been working on a frame order that I received as well. I'm loving loom's the only kind of knitting that makes sense to me! I hope to have a few more new items in my shop over the next week or two...can't wait to show you all!

giveaway over at Rose Runs Wild

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Hey folks, check out Nicole's giveaway on her blog Rose Runs Wild! I am just one of 10 prizes that you can win for Valentine's Day. Just four more days to enter! Click here to enter.

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