another visit to nyc and some crafts

 I went to visit Ryan again last weekend. It was so fabulous to see him and since it was President's Day Weekend, I could spend an extra day there. We walked through most of Central Park this time.
 This is how I think of it.
 We also went to Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Two of my favorite areas. I look forward to traveling again. Work may have me there next month and I'd love to see Ryan again.
 This past weekend, we had another winter storm roll through and I planned to stay indoors and work on crafts and shop orders. Above features one of the custom shop orders. I need to practice a bit more with my embroidery technique, but so far it is pretty fun.
I started making my own wood stain this weekend too. Vinegar and a copper scouring pad. Once I remembered that copper needs to oxygenate to turn colors, it got a whole lot more interesting. What will I do with this wood stain? Well, I intend to make a few embroidery hoop projects and I want to use the stain to color the wooden hoops. Looking forward to the experiment!

I also photographed an upcycled circle scarf for the shop. You can find it available here.

What did you do with your weekend?

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