just another manic monday

Let me update you on a few things today. Today was my first day back at work after having a week off. I thought it would be hard to get up with the alarm at 8 am...it actually wasn't. I seemed mentally prepared to return to work. I was able to stay until 4 pm, which is longer than I originally thought I would be able to tolerate. My recovery continues to amaze me and I hope it keeps going this well.

I am also excited that I sold 27 mini-chalkboard frames today. That's right--TWENTY-SEVEN!! I couldn't believe it. There are probably shops out there that sell much more than that on a daily basis, but I was ecstatic. This is progress, folks. I think I have hit upon the thing that I enjoy making and that people love buying. So amazing.

I'm also really excited that this photo:

Made it into Chelsey's favorites at The Paper Mama. Thanks, Chelsey!

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

I should get back to preparing more of these chalkboards to ship now. How did your Monday go?

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