financially fit celebration

Finances are not usually something that I discuss here. I have a few blogger friends whose posts I read through that do talk about their finances. They are happily slogging away at paying off their student loans, car loan or credit card debt and share tips on how to do so. For me...yeah, those types of debt exist, but I cannot warrant an ongoing post about the topic. It's not a topic that I, myself, could make interesting and share with folks.

However, this doesn't mean that I am not happy once I have made a financial victory.

What is a financial victory, you may ask? Well, today's example is that I just paid off my smallest student loan! Hooray!

Student loans seem to be those things that hang around forever. You pay them in perpetuity and hardly seem to get anywhere in paying them. Finally, I seem to be at that point where I am making headway...and it is thrilling!

Have you had any financial victories as of late?

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