some changes

I mean this more in the encouragement sense and not in that things were shit before sense. An onward and upward phrase sort of thing. After 3.5 years, we decided to end our relationship. The why and how of it are not important in so much as how we are now. And for the most part, we are okay. This isn't the venue to divulge all of my feelings and the gory details; that's what friends/family and private journals are for. I mostly call attention to this change because I will be adjusting the blog and shop a bit and wanted to share a bit about why. I began this shop and blog name based on a relationship that was very important to me. It is still important to me, but as the nature of the relationship has changed, I don't feel comfortable keeping the same name.

I haven't decided yet what the new name will be. When I do, I will let you all know what it will be. For now, bear with me as the changes roll through.

Thanks for your support.

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