new heading

Hi All.

I think I have settled on a new name, and, at the very least, a style that I will try to convey across the blog, shop and Twitter. If you suddenly realize you're following taterandemily instead of turtandelephant, don't worry! That's me! I'll do a final announcement once the official names are changed everywhere.

I have been thinking about what I typically focus on in the blog, and it's usually Tater and me. Although I was tempted to make the name more just about me or what I create, I do love Tater an awful lot and thought she could deal with being put in the spotlight. After all, she loves everyone too. What I'm not sure about is the date established. Technically, I started this in 2011 but it is now that I am changing the name. Should I make the date 2011 or 2013? What do you think?

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