a downpour

We have had many thunderstorms over the past week. Yesterday's storm was considerably more--almost to monsoon level. I have been helping out at an art table downtown on Fridays for the month of August. Last week, we were drenched with sweat. This week, we were drenched with rain. The afternoon started out with a drunk wandering around, stabling himself on our tables, tents, parking meters and a random dog. Finally we called the police and once they confiscated his 1/5 of bourbon, he was on his way.

Soon after came the deluge. We were all soaked shortly. Before we wrapped up for the day, I bought a couple of paintings--one for home and one for the office. Below is the one that I bought for home.

There is something captivating and dark about the mood of this piece. I love how the colors and the shadows play together. Another time I will post about the office painting. But, I will let you know that it includes a ferris wheel and a person in a wheelchair.

Today's weather was no better, especially this afternoon. Ryan and I were thoroughly soaked after just going from the store to the car. I came home to find that we had won first place in this week's photo challenge by Chelsey from thePaperMama.com.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Thanks, Chelsey!

We hope to go hiking in New Hampshire tomorrow, but with the weather the way it is we are unsure if we will be able to go. Cross your fingers for us! 

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