vintage find: tin easel frame

Hello my friends who are lovers of vintage. Today I listed something different in my shop than I normally do--the gorgeous frame listed below. I painted the frame liner with chalkboard paint, but it is otherwise left untouched.

View the listing here to read a little more about it if you are interested.

Don't forget to enter Janee's giveaway for a chance to win a print of the cows we visited the other week! The giveaway closes in roughly a day.

Remember the post I wrote that included information about a giveaway from the Plaid Barn? I am thrilled to announce that I am one of their affiliates now! Please see the sidebar on the right of my blog (you may need to scroll down a little) to see their ad. They sell craft and diy materials at a deep discount and I have been loving the stuff they have had. I told you guys about the fabric tape and the vintage charm crafting items that I ordered and as soon as they arrive, I will be posting about them.

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