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I have to admit that my favorite blog day is Monday. There's something about the weekend where everyone relaxes and slows down the blog posting and then when it's Monday-BAM-an onslaught of posts. And not just any posts...interesting DIY posts and weekend adventure posts. I love it!! As soon as I get home from work, I enjoy sitting back on our couch and reading through them all.

I've had a heavy heart this past week. I would be lying if I said I didn't. Even when I called people at work, they could somehow hear it in my voice. I helped Ryan move in to his campus apartment in NYC on Wednesday. It was nice to see where he will be and meet his roommate, but I won't lie when I say it will be tough. We have done long distance before, though, so at least we're prepared.

I was intrigued that moonshine is now sold in stores and I bought some.
It definitely makes me cough after I take a sip.
The Mamiya on one of the bookshelves in Ryan's apartment.
Developing equipment and scanner...eventually books will go here?
Listening to his roommate.
Washington Square Park

Heading to get a student ID.
When I got home, I went to a farmer's market in a neighboring town.
Lino blocks and tool.
Since returning back home, I have spent my time cleaning the apartment and working on various craft projects. One will be hemming a curtain for work. I also ordered some linoleum blocks and carving tool--I'm going to try my hand at block printing. Tater Tot has been my constant companion and I have been enjoying her company. My new co-worker watched her for me when we went to NYC and she is invited back anytime I leave. It is so nice to have people to care for my dog when I'm gone and I don't have to worry about her.

We were assigned our partners for the scarf exchange and I am so excited! I have been thinking about what to send my partner all weekend.

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