a bit of spring...in my hair!

I feel a little behind the times now that I finally have feathers in my hair. My belated feather hair was behind because 1) I wanted to have a synthetic version that was cruelty-free, 2) I needed to save up the money (still cheap to buy, but needed to pay bills first) and 3) I wanted my haircut first. All of these things finally added up this weekend and I was able to install the (synthetic) purple, blue, green, white and multi-colored feathers into my hair. I am pleased with the results. I left them long for these photos so you could actually see the colors. Now I trimmed the ends up to match my haircut. I installed them to hide under my hair more for my day job and I can pull them out a bit to show a little more after work. I was sad to see that the website that I ordered them from appears to no longer exist, but the company was called Fair Feathers. I would refer them to you if I could!

What do you think?

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