soup, strands, and shelving

It's finally beginning to feel a little more like winter this week. I put some soup together to warm up one evening. The above soup includes veggies with gimme lean sausage and baby kale. Yum yum! I've also started to think about Valentine's Day for my home and the shop. A while ago, I had ordered some hearts and stars cut out from vintage dictionaries and music sheets. For months I have seen great paper garlands and decided to make some of my own with the hearts and stars I ordered. I finished a few strands of them. Unfortunately, my sewing machine decided to crap out on me again and until it is fixed, I am stranded (no pun intended) without a machine to complete them.

I am a fan of using free items whenever I can. I had picked up these black shelves from a free pile in our building a few months ago and just couldn't decide where to put them. This week I decided to add them to my collage above the dresser. This is how it turned out! The drawing in the blond frame was done by one of my friends for Ryan and I one year anniversary. I love the collection of all of these items.

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