psuedo-diy: upcycled heart garland

Remember these from elementary school? How you fold a paper in half, cut out one half of a heart and then when you unfold it you magically have a whole heart? Well, I used the same technique with eco-fi felt to make these ornaments:
You may remember these from my previous Valentine post. I ended up with a lot of the first picture (outlines of hearts) and wanted to do something with them rather than throw them all away.

I've really been on a garland kick lately and so decided that that's what I would do with them. I folded the outlines in half again and cut out very narrow heart outlines. Combined with small white hearts, I laid out a pattern.

Then, I started to sew. You can either sew them horizontally like I did or vertically through the center of the hearts.

Our dog is always wondering what I am up to. Here she is, giving me a plaintive look while I lay out the finished garland.

Because the heart outlines are thin, they don't quite stand up when hung like a garland. See below:

They are still cute; however, I ended up sewing a ribbon on to one of the ends so that the garland can also hang vertically.

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