fave finds

 In my first post of the year, one of the goals I listed was to post about some of my favorite items that I found on Etsy that day. Here is the first installment.

less is more
A friend of mine had posted these pants on another friend's wall on Facebook. I thought, how great are these? I love the double waistband look with the large buttons. I have a pair similar to this and they are so comfy.

Ruby Red Design Studio
For a long time, I carried a large year planner with me. I faithfully wrote in it nearly every day, keeping track of my activities. As my dresser drawer began to fill with calendars of years past and I moved multiple times, I became more reliant upon my electronic calendar rather than a physical copy. However, this simple, typographic calendar caught my eye as something that would be nice home or office decor and help me keep track of the date without being tethered to my computer.

domestic charm
I don't know what it is about baker's twine that makes me want to whip up cupcakes and caramels by the dozen. It's a good staple for any crafty person, used to wrap up gifts or use for tiny bunting.

Recycled Relics
Someday when I own a house, I would like to put these up in the kitchen or bathroom, ceiling or wall. A coat of paint and they would definitely be an attractive interest in the house.

That's it for my first finds of the week. I will post again later this week.

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