fave finds 3

I'm so proud of myself that I could write three editions of Fave Finds this week! I have met one of my goals for this week. Okay, onto the items. I noticed that today's finds were all home related.

I love this mug with a side car. How cool is this mug? I never know where to place my teabag and now I do!

I love chunky yarn and I love scarves. Put the two together and I'm in even more love. It looks fairly simple and something that I could probably make myself, but I love the look!

Another love of mine are napkins. I'm picky with napkins but lately I've found a lot of them that I like. These four are amongst them.

I am not gifted with a green thumb but I love the color and warmth that plants can bring to the home. I have been thinking about getting some airplants (which sound very low maintenance) and one of the best parts is you can put them in pretty much anything to display them. Take these suspended globes, for instance. There they are, swinging in the breeze and being fed at the same time. Wonderful.

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