the week

 Well, it certainly wasn't my intention not to blog for a week. I couldn't believe it when I looked at my last post and it was over a week ago that I had written it. Oh well. There hasn't been too much happening this week, other than a lot of work time.
Since those pictures aren't as interesting, here are some of Tater Tot. The second photo made it to Chelsey's favorites in the photo challenge this week. Tater rediscovered her raw hide this morning and is whining with it in her mouth, trying to find a place to put it. She is truly adorable and a great companion.
My cooking during the week was almost non-existent, but I made up for it yesterday by making a stir fry with more produce from the farmer's market. This one features kale, leeks and carrots. I also threw in some tofu, but I cannot get that from the farmer's market.
I worked on some monster-patterned baby booties for a party this week. I cannot wait to see the photos from it. Even though I haven't made a pair in a while, it was amazing how quickly it came back to me and I didn't have to look at the instructions once. It makes me proud, as I am pretty much a beginning sewer.
My scarf exchange partner, Diana, mailed me my scarf and I received it this week. I love the pattern and the colors...should take me into fall very well. It is from Michelle Brusegaard's shop on Etsy. Check it out when you have the chance...there are tons more scarfs, stationary and odds 'n' ends. The photos above are from her shop. I'll take photos of my own...eventually.

I decided that I am going to have a summer sale of items in my shop to make room for new/fall/winter/holiday items. It will be effective in the next couple of hours, so check it out when you have the chance.

What have you been up to this week?

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