photo challenge: toy

I don't buy rawhides for Tater very often. For one thing, they leave white marks everywhere that she slobbers on them. For another, she will chew them until they are gone, which leaves her digestive system pretty backed up for a day or two. Today I decided to buy her a couple and it was pretty adorable to see her try to bury the "bone" in the couch, floor and closet. She didn't really become interested in chewing it until I started taking photos of her with it. Go figure. I linked up with the Paper Mama's photo challenge for the week--Toys. Enter yourself!
I know that it is not even October yet, but as I plan to make the majority of my gifts for others this year, I have been thinking about Christmas. However, there are some things that I do not know how to make and so I like to "window-shop" while online. I had found the blog the Curious Pug through YB+YB and quickly fell in love as she walked her readers through her crafts, dog and a shop she was soon to open. The online shop opened on Labor Day and is called Happy Sprout Pet Boutique. You can see her ad proudly displayed on the right of my blog under "Affiliates". Click over when you get the chance; you won't be disappointed! My favorite item? This sweater right here:
Look at that happy face!

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