A package arrived for me this morning. I had been waiting to purchase an item from Leah Duncan for a long time; so long I almost forgot until she updated her blog with a discount code.  (I love sales!)
This is one of my favorite patterns from her in the form of a tea towel. It is so beautiful and I'm glad it is finally here.
When I got home from work yesterday, I took Tater and walked her over to the Farmer's Market. I still had some veggies left from the last time I went and today I combined a couple ingredients (yukon gold potatoes and rainbow chard) into a curry. The taste was both sweet and savory--my favorite. I also enjoy investing my money locally whenever possible. The Farmer's Market is a great chance to do that.

The weather is actually in the 70s now and I'm starting to think about Fall. Autumn is my favorite season; the crisp air, layered clothing and the holidays. Although I can hardly believe that it is already September, I am glad that it is here. The heat has been too much for me this summer.

Remember the scarf exchange that I signed up for? Well, I wanted to share my inspiration for it.

I am looking forward to sharing the final results with you guys!

And finally, my sleepy morning photo of Tater made it in Chelsey's top 5 this week. Thanks!

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