photochallenge: fave photo from summer

I had a hard time choosing my favorite photo of Tater from the summer. I chose this one because we enjoyed the hike and Tater loved coming along to snuffle in the grass and roll around in the rivers and waterfalls. It was her first real hike that we took her on and she loved it. I have entered this into the Paper Mama's weekly photo challenge.

Something that I have also enjoyed from the summer is becoming a member of the Roost Tribe at Going Home to Roost. As you have probably seen over the past year plus, I have struggled a bit with how I wanted to layout my blog and what to include. Part of that is I don't have fancy programs like Illustrator or Photoshop and I have no knowledge of CSS. I like to be able to do it all myself. Well, I have finally found a layout that I really enjoy (photo at the top coming soon, I promise!) and it just needs a few finishing touches. This has been where being a member of the Roost Tribe has been helpful. Bonnie makes many gorgeous extras that we can incorporate into our blogs. See that neat button on the right under Affiliates?

She made that! And I get to learn how to make my own. Granted, I will need Illustrator, but, I may just sign up for that free 30 day trial. If you're wondering what you missed for the month of September, click here to read her post. Ooh, I also got this sweet snail mail postcard from her. How nice is that??
I look forward to incorporating more and more into my blog until it is where I would like it to be. Maybe it will never be where I want it to be, but I will keep striving to make it such.

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