One of my favorite seasons is almost here. Even though it is still in the 70s here, it is a welcome break from the 80s and 90s that we have been experiencing. I look forward to it being in the 50s again and I can snuggle up in different layers.

I have been thinking more about how I wrap items when I ship them and decided that I would buy a few paper punches. Some of them can be quite pricey, but while I was looking at TJMaxx and Marshall's this week, I spotted some for $3.99 each. Can you believe it? Two punches I purchased are for packaging edges in the shape of trees and branches. One of the ones I purchased is this lovely bat silhouette, featured in the shots above. You can purchase sets of 100 from my shop here.

Even though it's Labor Day, I will still be laboring today for half of it. I will go in this afternoon to my day job and try to crank out some paperwork before coming home again. It was nice to have the morning off at least. What are all of you up to today?

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