i had forgotten...

I thought of a blog series that I wanted to start. In reading some other blogs, I liked the humanity that they would show throughout series of posts such as "dear, ________", honest confessions, if you knew me, and admitting to horrible tastes in music. I wanted to do something similar, but not completely the same. When I was making the stir fry that I had posted about this weekend, I was thinking how I had forgotten how awesome it was to cook kale. There is something amazing about how it's all tough and bitter to start with and then once it is cooked it is soft and tasty. Plus, I love watching it shrink! I realize that that is a simple example, but it is often these simple things in life that are overlooked. Every once in a while I just get smacked in the face with one of life's simple pleasures and I wanted to have a way to share it with folks. Hence the "I had forgotten..." series. Ya dig? I hope to make this a weekly thing...but it could be biweekly if I have a particularly busy week. Today's will be short, as I am currently visiting Ryan in NYC.

I had forgotten what it's like to have sticker shock on a particular item. I had forgotten how much I enjoy holding my boyfriend's hand while we walk together. I had forgotten the simple pleasure of watching one of our favorite shows together. I had forgotten how much I took the microwave for granted. I had forgotten how much I enjoy getting Tater out of her crate in the morning. I had forgotten how much I enjoy vacation. I had forgotten how much heart aches when a friend is far away and struggling.

Thanks for reading. If you wish to write your own "I had forgotten" post, please leave the link in your comment. I would love to read it.

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