vietnamese wedding

 Last weekend, I had the fabulous opportunity to shoot a wedding with Ryan for Cang and Vy. It was a traditional Vietnamese ceremony and it was spectacular.

So many people were packed into the house for the ceremony.

I love chandeliers.

First dance.

The first of a ten course meal. Suckling pig variety.
Noodle bowl with shrimp and veggies.
Sharkfin soup.
crunchy fried chicken
lobster with ginger and scallions
abalone on a bed of greens
veggie noodles
I enjoy being a second shooter...I can look out for the fun extra shots and not have to worry about getting the main shots at the same time. The ceremony had started about 10 miles from my house and then ended up in Boston. We had 12 hours to capture as much as we could and between the two of us, we got what we needed. The wedding party was very fun and everyone was friendly. I ended up being in a few wedding photos because the grooms wanted me to do shots with them before the reception. What a day. At some point, I will link up some of Ryan's photos as well.

P.S. If you are wondering about the copious amounts of meat featured in these photos...yes, I am still vegan. Part of providing a service for people is accepting where they are at and putting aside my biases to make this day the best possible.

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