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We had a very busy weekend. I will be writing more posts about the main event this weekend. For now, one small thing that I made that I was very proud of was a pincushion. I had been using a prototype of a stuffed animal that didn't quite work out. I wanted something a little more sophisticated, yet easy to make. Sincerely, Kinsey had made a great one, but I had a hard time finding a tea cup that I liked well enough to make a pincushion out of. As soon as I saw the below pin, I knew that I had found a winner because I could use fabric that I already had.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

A while ago I had bought some hand-printed remnant fabric on Etsy from Maramiki. I loved it and had been toying with ideas of what to make (pillows, box bag, clutch, pencil bag, etc) ever since I purchased it. I decided that part of one of the prints I would use for the pincushion DIY above. Here is my result:

I love how it turned out! If I ever make another one, I will probably use a bigger canning jar/lid to accentuate the big poof on top.

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