adventures in crayon melting

  I have had the melt-your-own-crayons-into-this-shape-diy pinned for quite a while. I especially loved the heart-shaped ones used for Valentine's Day.
 I began my search for cute-shaped silicone bakeware. After being faked out by a tiki face ice cube tray, I was more careful to make sure that the silicone could withstand baking. The princess castle was the winner. I set my oven to 250 degrees and baked the crayons for about 25 minutes. I let the crayons completely cool in the mould and then pushed them out. Perfect for little fingers!

We also made pizzas out of Italian bread. Spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, spinach, and daiya mozzarella. Yum!

What are you doing/did you do on your lazy Sunday? Monday is coming too soon, once again.

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