san francisco part 2

Today is Thursday; a rough day of the week. It's past midweek but it's not quite Friday yet. In lieu of this, I will be posting more of my San Francisco Bay Area vacation photos. I am lusting for the weekend, for sure.
View of part of the city from Pier 39.
In Chinatown, having lunch.
In the Mission, eating strawberry salad and imbibing beer.
at the beer place. loved the simplicity.
our bread at Absinthe, my uncles' favorite restaurant.
phil and ryan's oysters at Absinthe.
Jeff has a marvelous aquarium that he has begun. SO impressive.
closer view of fish and corals.
We are helping a friend move this weekend and other than that, I hope to enjoy cooler weather. Tomorrow will be our third day in the 90s this week. I don't think I can handle much more of it! Hot weather and I are not friends. I much prefer Fall, where I can layer up and snuggle in 40 and 50 degree weather. Summer here is definitely a time where I miss living in Alaska. Oh well. Overall, I am much happier that we moved here when we did. We were able to adopt our dog, Tater Tot, and see a lot more cities with the option of going into the "wilderness" when we wish.

Anyone else have weekend plans?

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