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This weekend, I spent many hours making mini and regular sized chalkboards for the Etsy shop. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I had put painting them off for a bit, but once the power cut out, I knew I had to do things that did not require electricity and this was one of them. I definitely took over the kitchen counter. The majority of these little frames already sold this week and I enjoyed packing up each order. I also sent out the mystery grab bag prize to the winner, Kate Dooley. Congrats again, Kate! She chose the Brooklyn scarf from my shop and I threw in a few other items for her to enjoy as well. It's been a busy week, both at my day job and this job, and I have been enjoying it!

This evening, we went out for some snacks and drinks. For once, I didn't take any photos of my drink or food, but rest assured that it was all tasty. 
Smiley Ryan
Tater, peering
New shoes
My smiley girl.
Can you see the bulldog in her now?
Skeptical Ryan is skeptical.
Let me tell you about these new shoes...we were walking to this place to eat and hang out when all of a sudden, my fancy sandal basically folded in half under itself. It stayed broken and there was no fixing it. Of course this happened right after I had just thought that the sandals were quite comfortable/broken in after buying them last year. Sigh.

We stopped at one of my favorite local clothing stores so that I could continue walking around downtown for the evening. One pair of shoes was too small, another not the right color and another was...manageable. The sales person felt so bad that my sandal broke while I was walking around that she gave me a discount when ringing up the new pair of flats. I was grateful for this unexpected gift and walked the shoes out the door.

Let it be known that while I am not a fan of sequin shoes, I actually don't mind these and they are kind of fun with this flowery print maxi dress from H&M.

With the shoes purchased, we were able to carry on with the rest of our night, enjoying some food and drinks with our Tater Bear.

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