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I wanted to share with you all what I have been working on for the shop. If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen some shots of these already. These photos I took with my real, normal-size camera! These luminaries have been a long time in the making, from choosing what to shoot, to shooting the images, to choosing which ones to use and then finally making them. I love how they turned out. The lines are clean. I love the contrast in each photo and that they are black and white (or clear, rather, in this case). I have made similar ones for wedding centerpieces, but these are even better (in my opinion). You can buy them at the shop here. Check out more close-ups below!

**I also wanted to clarify that these are tea light luminaries, meaning they are about two inches tall and fit a tea light candle in them to light up the image. I realized that my photos do not depict size or purpose---sorry about that! **

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