oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

How lovely are thy (thine?) branches. Tonight I decorated my little 2 foot Christmas tree. I know last year I splurged and got a lovely real, 6 foot Christmas tree but this year I decided to hold back. If I can find the right tree that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg that I will get a real one, but otherwise, this little fakie is it. It's kind of charming in its own way, isn't it? I covered it in my large, regular-sized tree ornaments, but it still looks pretty good.

Oh, what's the rest of the stuff in the picture, you may ask? Well, gifts that I've been working on. And a couple of orders I received. And other things I've made, inspired (Pinspired?) from Pinterest. I'll do a larger post about that at some point, but I need to wait until my recipients have their gifts!

When it snowed this weekend, I really got in the mood for Christmas. Sure, it's in the 50s now, but this weekend was magical. Christmas, here I come!

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