moooaaaar thanksgiving

Well, I finally finished my Thanksgiving leftovers today. I wanted to share a few more (instagram) photos of my meal plus the two beings that I was lucky enough to spend my time with this weekend.

field roast!
my ryan, eating his t-giving meal
post meal walk
mmmm...cinnamon rolls
waiting desperately for treats while we drank hot cider and coffee
how i know he's and law books
on our walk
apple pie
It was so good to have Ryan home for the long weekend. I am looking forward to seeing him for Christmas break too. Tater played so much that after Ryan left, she slept all day. Had to make up for the naps she missed, I guess.

Now that Thanksgiving is past, don't forget to sign up for my ornament exchange! I will be assigning partners this coming weekend and I don't want anyone to lose out. Click here to read more about it and sign up. Thanks!

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