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I wanted to give you an update on my shop. This weekend I was finally well enough to work on more items for the shop. (I pretty much spent the week in bed due to an allergic reaction to...something. We don't know what it is. Yet.) I had so much fun.

 I found this scarf when I visited San Francisco in May. It was so beautiful...the color combination and the texture. It is available now in my shop with the option of custom cursive embroidery. I also played with the watermark feature on my images. I think I will use it more often.

 I also found more mini frames to make chalkboards out of!! At 12 of each, they're perfect for a party or wedding reception. The red is bright red and reminds me so much of Christmas.
Then I found a gigantor frame turned chalkboard. The frame size is 12x15 and has lots of room for messages, menu items and chalk drawings. Every time I pick it up, I am surprised at the heft to it.

I love having new items in my shop! It has been too long since I have made new items and listed them. I have a few more items that I am working on that are autumn-themed. I will share those later this week.

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