online garage sale!

Hey folks! Help fund my move (and be able to eat at the same time!) by purchasing these items. Leave a comment or email me at jean.emily{at} with which item(s) you would like and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once your payment method clears, I will send you your item(s)! Easy as pie! I can only ship these items within the U.S.A..

**Please note that I cannot accept returns or exchanges. All items sold as is. Condition is noted by each item.**

1. Opteka wireless shutter remote for Canon. Condition: Like Brand New. Only the plastic divider separating the battery was removed so that the remote could be tested. Unfortunately, was not compatible with my 5D (it is compatible with the Mark II and Mark III versions, though). Same as this item on Amazon. Price: $5 + $2 for s&h. Total: $7

 2. Turquoise jewel earrings (plastic). Condition: New. Back story: Received them with a necklace that I wanted. I don't have pierced ears to wear them. Price: $2 (including shipping).

 3. Ikea Granan White Klippan couch slipcover. Condition: New. Back story: Came with my couch and with a dog, I am not going to put a white cover on my couch. Never removed from packaging. Original price: $79+shipping. Asking price now: $40 + s&h $10 (it's heavy!). Total Price requested: $50

 4. Shiraleah (vegan) green faux leather purse with watermelon pink lining. Condition: Used. Back story: Received it for a gift a couple years ago. I love it! I don't think I'd sell it except that I'm moving. Please note the lotion spot on the lining inside the main compartment. Price $10 + $4s&h. Total Price: $14 SOLD!!

 5. Shiraleah orange and brown (vegan) leather clutch with plaid lining. Condition: Like New. Back Story: bought a couple years ago. although I love it, the colors aren't my favorite anymore. this is in excellent condition! Price $7 + $4s&h. Total Price: $11 SOLD!!!

 6. Foof! (vegan) laptop cover/sleeve. Condition: Like New. Back story: Bought this when I got my MacBookPro 6+ years ago. I no longer use my laptop and so have no use for this laptop cover/sleeve! It has such a great Japanese pattern in red on the outside and inside it is quilted black silky fabric. Fits my 15" MacBook Pro. Bought from Australia. Price $15 (including shipping)

 7. Anker battery replacement for MacBook Pro 15" laptop. See specs on picture 2 and in the link. Condition: Like New. Back story: Bought this to extend the life of my MacBook Pro. However, it is the wrong one and I didn't return it in time to get a refund. Time to sell it! Bought it for $69.99. Would like to sell it for $69.99 including shipping. Price: $69.99 (including shipping). SOLD!!

 7. Dog harness. Fits my 40 pound Tater Tot (english bulldog/beagle mix). We stopped using it on her because she could slip out of it and also because she would continue to pull anyway. Price $5 +$2 s&h. Total price: $7.

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