while on vacation

I will probably continue writing a series posts about my trip home last week. This girl in that picture was one of the reasons I came home, in addition to seeing family and friends, my grandma and witness one of my friends get married. Here she is with my necklace on. As soon as I leaned over to say hello, she sad, "ooooh," and reached out to touch my necklace. Luckily it is lia sophia, so if it broke I could get a free replacement. :) She did great with it though and only occasionally touched it like this. In this photo, she is standing near my cat and my mom is blocking her so that our cat does not hiss or reach out to bite her (my cat will be 13-years-old this year and does not like children her size).

I am so glad it is the weekend now. I can finally catch up on my mountain of laundry from before and during vacation, as well as work on a few more crafts. I hope to update my shop with more items today and write a little more about them later. While I was home, I was able to find a few more small frames to turn into mini-chalkboards.

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