weekend hap's

I made a few more chalkboards for our shop. You may find them here and here.

This weekend, we took Tater to the woods and she had a grand ol' time tromping through the long grass and attempting to swim through shallow brooks. Isn't she beautiful? The next three photos are by Ryan.
I can definitely see the bulldog in her in the first photo. In the second, she is more herself (smiling). We picked at least 12 ticks off from her once we got out of the woods. Thankfully, she was patient and still loved us afterwards.

I also washed mounds and mounds of laundry this weekend. Believe me, we don't need pictures of that up here. I feel like I'm caught up in most domestic spheres and ready to start the week.
This is Tater rolling around in the river on a hot day. She does like to roll around on our carpet as well as the grass...I just never pictured her rolling in the water. What a funny capture.

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